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Abstracta. 9th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editor: Frolík, Zdeněk
Organized by: Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
Venue: Srní, 1981

Publisher: Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha, 1981

Table of Contents

[1] Foreword.  
[2]-4 [List of] participants. Section of analysis.  
5-7 [List of] participants. Section of topology.  
8 Addresses.  
9-13 List of talks.  
14 Cartesian closed hull of uniform spaces.  Adámek, Jiří; Reiterman, Jan
15-16 Multipliers on complex Banach spaces.  Behrends, Ehrhard
17-18 Unbouded descending infinite chain in Rudin-Frolík order.  Bukovský, L.; Butkovičová, E.
19-20 A solution to a problem of De Wilde - Tsirulnikov.  Drewnowski, L.
21-22 On the Mackey topology of Orlicz sequence spaces.  Drewnowski, L.; Nawrocki, M.
23-24 Discontinuous invariant functio- nals and traces.  Figiel, T.; Kwapień, S.
25-28 On decomposition of spaces on meager sets.  Frankiewicz, Ryszard; Gutek, Andrzej
29-31 On the Fréchet-Urysohn property in spaces of continuous functions.  Galvin, Fred
32-33 Products of ideals of Borel sets.  Gavalec, Martin
34-36 Isometric theory of duality in Banach spaces.  Godefroy, Gilles
37-41 On certain classes of normed linear spaces.  Godini, G.
42-55 Families of pairwise orthogonal measures.  Graf, S.; Mägerl, G.
56-63 Density theorems for measurable transformations.  Grzaślewicz, Ryszard
64-67 Stable Banach spaces.  Guerre, S.
68 On the Ramsey-Turán number of finite graphs.  Hajnal, A.
69 On Pixley-Roy hyperspaces.  Hajnal, A.
70-76 Applications of ultrapowers and Lipschitz classification of Banach spaces.  Heinrich, S.; Mankiewicz, P.
77-84 The Cauchy-Riemann equations in anticomuting variables.  Hrubý, J.
85-88 On norm attaining operators acting on $L^1$ - spaces.  Iwanik, A.
89-94 Ideals in algebras of unbounded operators.  Junek, H.
95-100 Geometry of Banach spaces and solvability of nonlinear equations.  Kolomý, Josef
101-102 On the representation of Orlicz lattices.  Kranz, Przemysław; Wnuk, Witold
103-108 On hypergraph coverings.  Lehel, J.
109 Conditional symmetries of stable measures on $R^n$.  Linde, W.; Mathé, P.
110-113 On some nonclosed subspaces of metric linear spaces.  Lipecki, Z.
114-115 The generalized regular functions over conformal quaternionic manifold.  Markl, M.
116-119 Transverse G-structures on foliated mani- folds.  Molino, Pierre
120-125 Local uniform convexity of Day's norm on $C_0(r)$.  Musiał, K.; Swaminathan, S.
126-128 Hales-Jewett's theorem without short cycles.  Nešetřil, Jaroslav; Voigt, B.
129-137 Tensor products of Banach lattices with Applications to the local structure of Banach lattices and spaces of absolutely summing operators.  Nielsen, N. J.
138-142 On flatness and some ergodic properties of Banach spaces.  Pach, A. J.
143-145 О топологиях очановского типа.  Popov, V. V.
146-150 Canonical equivalence relations for parameter sets.  Prömel, H. J.; Voigt, B.
151-152 Some recent results on duality and planarity.  Recski, András
153-157 Categories of models of languages $L_{\kappa,\lambda}(\mu)$.  Rosický, J.
158-167 Feynman path integral as spectral decomposition.  Souček, J.; Souček, V.; Janiš, V.
168-172 Analysis in complex quaternions and its connections with mathematical physics.  Souček, Vladimír
173-175 Separation of orthogonal sets of measures.  Talagrand, Michel
176-180 On infinite-dimensional manifolds.  Toruńczyk, H.
181-184 $\tau$ - critical hypergraphs.  Tuza, Zsolt
185-191 Isomorphisms of products.  Vinárek, J.
192-194 Szemerédi theorem implies Furnsternberg theorem.  Volný, Dalibor
195-202 Problems.  Hajnal, A.; Voigt, Bernd; Lehel, Jenö; Gavalec, Martin; Recski, András; Galvin, Fred
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