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Proceedings of the 12th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Section of Topology

Editor: Frolík, Z.
Organized by: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University of Prague
Venue: Srní, 1984

Publisher: Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Palermo, 1984
Series: Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Serie II, Supplemento No. 6


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Table of Contents

[9] Foreword.  
10-11 [List of] participants. Section of topology.  
[13]-18 On weak $\kappa$-metric.  Bandlow, Ingo
[19]-29 Stiefel-Whitney characteristic classes and parallelizability of Grassmann manifolds.  Bartík, Vojtěch; Korbaš, Július
31-42 On generalized Cauchy-Riemann equations on manifolds.  Bureš, Jarolím; Souček, Vladimír
[43]-47 The pathological infinity of measures.  Capek, Peter
[49]-74 On properties preserved by the approximate domination.  Čerin, Zvonko
75-82 Dissipative systems.  Crell, B.
83-91 Decomposable systems of differential operators and generalized inverses.  Delanghe, R.
93-106 Inverse systems and pretopological spaces.  Demaria, Davide Carlo; Bogin, Garbaccio Rosanna
107-120 $L_2$-Kohomologie und approximationen des Laplaceoperators.  Eichhorn, Jürgen
121-136 Epimorphims and cowellpoweredness of epireflective subcategories of Top.  Dikranjan, D.; Giuli, E.
[137]-138 Some types of points in $N^\ast$.  Gryzlov, A.
[139]-147 Always of the first category sets.  Grzegorek, E.
[149]-153 Connected spaces which are not strongly connected.  Guido, Cosimo
[155]-159 $Z_2$-graded extensions of the orthogonal Lie algebras.  Hasiewicz, Zbigniew
[161]-175 The topology of the Yang-Mills theory over torus.  Klimek-Chudy, Sławomir; Kondracki, Witold III
[177]-187 On the mechanics with noncontinuous hamiltonians.  Kondracki, W.; Kozak, M.
[189]-200 n-tilability of acyclic polyominoes.  Kříž, Igor
[201]-214 Coisotropic bundles and induced representations.  Lisiecki, Wojciech
[215]-231 A survey on the Hawking – Penrose theory.  Major, Imre
[233]-242 Self-dual magnetic monopoles and generalizations of holomorphic functions.  Nahm, W.
[243]-246 Some results concerning reconstruction conjecture.  Nýdl, Václav
[247]-258 Remarks on metrizable locales.  Pultr, Aleš
[259]-269 Plane elliptic systems and monogenic functions in symmetric domains.  Sommen, F.
[271]-284 A hypercomplex method of calculating stresses in three-dimensional bodies.  Sprössig, W.; Gürlebeck, K.
[285]-289 Hereditary subdirectly irreducible graphs.  Vinárek, Jiří
[291]-306 Invariant measures and the equicontinuous structure relation II: the relative case.  de Vries, Jan; van der Woude, Jaap
[307]-312 Star-products on symplectic manifolds.  de Wilde, M.
[313]-328 Paracompactness in box products.  Williams, Scott W.
[329]-341 On $\nabla$-G-foliations.  Wolak, Robert A.
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