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Proceedings of the 13th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Section of Topology

Editors: Frolík, Z.; Souček, V.; Vinárek, J.
Organized by: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University of Prague
Venue: Srní, 1985

Publisher: Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Palermo, 1985
Series: Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Serie II, Supplemento No. 11


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Table of Contents

[7] Foreword.  Frolík, Z.; Souček, V.; Vinárek, J.
[8]-[10] List of participants.  
[11]-13 Remarks on powers of lattices.  Błaszczyk, A.
[15]-23 Disconnectednesses and closure operators.  Cagliari, F.; Cicchese, M.
[25]-36 On shape groups and Cech homology groups of a compact space.  Demaria, Davide Carlo; Bogin, Garbaccio R.
[37]-54 Characterizations of the countable infinite product of rationals and some related problems.  van Engelen, Fons
[55]-59 Some more $\kappa$-fully normal spaces.  Hart, Klaas Pieter
[61]-70 Products of locally connected locales.  Kříž, I.; Pultr, A.
[71]-75 Reconstructing equivalences.  Nýdl, Václav
[77]-79 A remark on monoidal closed structures on top.  Pedicchio, M. C.; Rossi, F.
[81]-88 Extensions of cyclically monotone mappings.  Pelant, Jan; Poljak, Svatopluk
[89]-103 On a fuzzy topological structure.  Šostak, A. P.
[105]-112 Products and measurable cardinals.  Szymański, Andrzej
[113]-123 Introduction to kenogrammatics.  Thomas, Gerhard G.
[125]-136 Productive and inductive constructions of graphs.  Vinárek, Jiří
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