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Issue 2,  Volume 48, 2007 (Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica)

Proceedings of the 35th Winter School on Abstract Analysis, Hejnice, 2007

WSAA Proceedings
(2) Foreword.  Balcar, Bohuslav
3-18 Embedding topological semigroups into the hyperspaces over topological groups.  Banakh, Taras; Hryniv, Olena
19-35 Mad families and ultrafilters.  Brendle, Jörg
37-41 Non-normality and relative normality of Niemytzki plane.  Chodounský, David
43-48 A note on $\Cal J$-ultrafilters and $P$-points.  Flašková, Jana
49-53 $c$-Luzin sets, nonatomic $\sigma$-fields and $\sigma$-independent sets.  Grzegorek, Edward
55-67 Theorem on signatures.  Kulpa, Władysław; Szymański, Andrzej
69-80 Constructing subsets of a given packing index in Abelian groups.  Lyaskovska, Nadya
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