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Differential Equations and Their Applications
Proceedings of the Conference held in Prague in September 1962

Organized by: Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences; Association of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicists
Venue: Prague, 1962

Publisher: Publishing House of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, 1963

MR0167666 | Zbl 0128.00303
MSC: 00B25, 34-06, 35-06

Table of Contents

5 Preface.  
7 Contents.  
9-11 List of communications presented in sections.  
13-26 The theory of small changesin the domain of existence in the theory of partial differential equations and its applications.  Babuška, I.
27-38 Transformation of ordinary second-order linear diferential equations.  Borůvka, O.
39-54 Integral manifolds and nonlinear oscillations.  Hale, Jack K.
55-63 Solutions of a linear second order equation of parabolic type defined in an unbounded domain.  Krzyżański, M.
65-76 Problems which lead to a generalization of the concept of an ordinary nonlinear differential equation.  Kurzweil, J.
77-92 Variational methods of solving linear and nonlinear boundary value problems.  Mihlin, S. G.
93-104 On the solution of elliptic partial differential equations with an unbounded Dirichlet integral.  Nečas, J.
105-120 On some qualitative methods for systems of ordinary diferential equations in the large.  Nemyckiĭ, V. V.
121-122 Elliptic partial differential equations and ordinary differential equations in Banach space.  Nirenberg, L.
123-130 Stability of numerical processes.  Práger, M.; Vitásek, E.
131-135 Asymptotic formulas for the solutions of linear differential equations of the second order.  Ráb, M.
137-141 Solution of nonlinear parabolic equations by finite difference method for an arbitrary time interval.  Rektorys, K.
143-165 Nonlinear differential systems of the third and fourth order.  Sansone, G.
167-177 Some new problems in the theory of partial differential equations.  Sobolev, S. L.
179-186 On the properties of linear differential equations of the second order in the complex domain.  Šeda, V.
187-198 On various properties of the solutions of third- and fourth-order linear differential equations.  Švec, M.
199-215 Nonlinear boundary-value problems for differential equations.  Vejvoda, O.
217-221 On some stability problems.  Vrkoč, I.
223-228 On a certain extension of the maximum principle.  Výborný, R.
229-242 On an optimal control problem.  Ważewski, T.
243-247 The parabolic equations as a limiting case of hyperbolic and elliptic equations.  Zlámal, M.
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