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Equadiff IV
Czechoslovak Conference on Differential Equations and Their Applications. Proceedings, Prague, August 22-26, 1977

Editor: Fábera, Jiří
Organized by: Mathematical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
Venue: Prague, 1977

Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1979
ISBN: 3540091165
Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 703
Zbl 0393.00004
MSC: 00B25, 34-06, 35-06, 65-06

Table of Contents

[I] Preface.  
[V]-VIII List of invited addreses.  
[IX]-XVI List of communications.  
[XVII]-XIX Contents.  
[1]-4 Invariant sets for semilinear parabolic and elliptic systems.  Amann, H.
[5]-15 On the numerical solution of nonlinear partial differential equations on divergence form.  Axelsson, O.
[16]-24 Application of the averaging method for the solution of boundary problems for ordinary differential and integro-differential equations.  Bajnov, D. D.; Milusheva, S. D.
[25]-30 Solution set properties for some nonlinear parabolic differential equations.  Bebernes, J. W.
[31]-34 Asymptotic invariant sets of autonomous differential equations.  Bihari, I.
[35]-45 Algebraic methods in the theory of global properties of the oscillatory equations $Y''=Q(t)Y$.  Borůvka, O.
[46]-53 Stability problems in mathematical theory of viscoelasticity.  Brilla, J.
[54]-63 On the branching of solutions and Signorini's perturbation procedure in elasticity.  Capriz, G.
[64]-72 Differential subspaces associated with pairs of ordinary differential operators.  Coddington, E. A.
[73]-80 Control and the van der Pol equation.  Conti, R.
[81]-85 On properties of spectral approximations.  Nassif, N.; Descloux, J.; Rappaz, J.
[86]-92 Singular perturbations and linear feedback control.  Dragan, V.; Halanay, A.
[93]-98 On some inverse problems for partial differential equations.  Dümmel, S.
[99]-109 Nonlinear noncoercive boundary value problems.  Fučík, S.
[110]-117 On the iterative solution of some nonlinear evolution equations.  Gajewski, H.
[118]-129 Exponential representation of solutions of ordinary differential equations.  Gamkrelidze, H.
[130]-138 The Rayleigh and van der Pol wave equations, some generalizations.  Hall, W. S.
[139]-144 The Dirichlet problem.  Hansen, W.
[145]-151 Multiple solutions of some asymptotically linear elliptic boundary value problems.  Hess, P.
[152]-159 Dual finite element analysis for some unilateral boundary value problems.  Hlaváček, I.
[160]-169 Gradient alternating-direction methods.  Il'in, V.
[170]-178 Nonlinear parabolic boundary value problems with the time derivative in the boundary conditions.  Kačur, J.
[179]-188 Variational and boundary value problems for differential equations with deviating argument.  Kamenskii, G. A.; Myshkis, A. D.
[189]-196 On a general conception of duality in optimal control.  Klötzler, R.
[197]-204 Boundary value problems for systems of nonlinear differential equations.  Knobloch, H. W.
[205]-212 Boundary behavior of potentials.  Král, J.
[213]-223 Some modifications of Sobolev spaces and non-linear boundary value problems.  Kufner, A.
[224]-232 Some problems in neutron transport theory.  Kyncl, J.; Marek, I.
[233]-240 On formulation and solvability of boundary value problems for viscous incompressible fluids in domains with non-compact boundaries.  Ladyženskaja, O. A.
[241]-249 Boundary value problems at resonance for vector second order nonlinear ordinary differential equations.  Mawhin, J.
[250]-262 Behaviour of solutions to the Dirichlet problem for the biharmonic operator at a boundary point.  Maz'ya, V. G.
[263]-270 Asymptotic methods for singularly perturbed linear differential equations in Banach spaces.  Mika, Janusz
[271]-285 Non linear quasi variational inequalities and stochastic impulse control theory.  Mosco, Umberto
[286]-299 On the regularity of weak solutions to variational equations and inequalities for nonlinear second order elliptic systems.  Nečas, J.
[300]-308 The solution of parabolic models by finite element space and $A$-stable time discrezation.  Nedoma, J.
[309]-317 Global properties of the $n$th order linear differential equations.  Neuman, F.
[318]-327 A forced quasilinear wave equation with dissipation.  Nohel, J. A.
[328]-339 Energetic estimates analogous to the Saint-Venant principle and their applications.  Oleinik, O. A.
[340]-347 A priori bounds for a semilinear wave equation.  Rabinowitz, Paul H.
[348]-355 The method of least squares on the boundary and very weak solutions of the first biharmonic problem.  Rektorys, K.
[356]-365 Application of bounded operators and Lyapunov's majorizing equations to the analysis of differential equations with a small parameter.  Ryabov, Yu.
[366]-373 On linear problems in the space BV.  Schwabik, Š.; Tvrdý, M.
[374]-383 A partially ordered space connected with the de la Vallée Poussin problem.  Šeda, V.
[384]-396 Abstract Cauchy problem.  Sova, M.
[397]-404 Solution of symmetric positive systems of differentional equations.  Sultangazin, U. M.
[405]-414 Some problems concerning the functional differential equations.  Švec, M.
[415]-423 $A$-stability and numerical solution of abstract differential equations.  Taufer, J.; Vitásek, E.
[424]-432 Mapping properties of regular and strongly degenerate elliptic differential operators in the Besov spaces $B^s_{p,p}(\Omega)$. The case $0<p<\infty$.  Triebel, H.
[433]-441 A new description and some modifications of Filippov cone.  Vrkoč, I.
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