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University of Western Ontario; XML
Publishing in Mathematics and theoretical areas in Computer Science and Physics has been predominantly using TeX/LaTeX as a formatting language in the last two decades. This large corpus of born-digital material is both a boon — LaTeX is semi-semantic format where the source often contains indications of the author’s intentions — and a problem — TeX is Turing-complete and authors use this freedom to use thousands of styles and millions of user macros. Several tools have been developed to convert TeX/LaTeX documents to XML-based — i.e. Web and DML-compatible formats. Different DML Projects use different tools, and the selection seems largely accidental. To put the choice of converters for DML projects onto a more solid footing and to encourage competition and feature convergence we survey the market. In this paper we investigate and compare five LaTeX-to-XML transformers in three dimensions: $a$) ergonomic factors like documentation, ease of installation, $b$) coverage, and $c$) quality of the resulting documents (in particular the MathML parts).
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