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DML 2009

Towards a Digital Mathematics Library. Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada, July 8-9th, 2009

Editor: Sojka, Petr
Organized by: Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics; University of Western Ontario and University of Waterloo
Venue: Grand Bend, Ontario, 2009

Publisher: Masaryk University Press, Brno, 2009
ISBN: 978-80-210-4781-5

Zbl 1169.00002
MSC: 00-99, 00B25, 01A90, 68-06

Table of Contents

I-VIII Front Matter.  
IX-X Table of Contents.  
3-16 The Evolving Digital Mathematics Network.  Ruddy, David
17-24 Community Curation and Management of Mathematical Literature.  Burns, John; Kerr, Nigel
27-35 An Approach to Similarity Search for Mathematical Expressions using MathML.  Yokoi, Keisuke; Aizawa, Akiko
37-48 Improving Mathematics Retrieval.  Kamali, Shahab; Tompa, Frank Wm.
49-57 An Online Repository of Mathematical Samples.  Baker, Josef B.; Sexton, Alan P.; Sorge, Volker
61-70 Report on the Current State of the French DMLs.  Bouche, Thierry
71-81 Experimental DML over Digital Repositories in Japan.  Namiki, Takao; Kuroda, Hiraku; Naruse, Shunsuke
85-94 Document Interlinking in a Digital Math Library.  Goutorbe, Claude
95-106 I2Geo: a Web-Library of Interactive Geometry.  Libbrecht, Paul; Kortenkamp, Ulrich; Mercat, Christian
109-120 MathML-aware Article Conversion from LaTeX.  Stamerjohanns, Heinrich; Ginev, Deyan; David, Catalin; Misev, Dimitar; Zamdzhiev, Vladimir; Kohlhase, Michael
121-124 Conversion of TeX Documents to PDF.  Pejović, Aleksandar; Mijajlović, Žarko
125-131 Ongoing Efforts to Generate “Tagged PDF” using pdfTeX.  Moore, Ross
133-140 Back Matter.  
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