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visualization; RDF; visual interface; Visual Browser; DML-CZ; visualization; Mathematics Subject Classification; Google
This paper presents an alternative interface for browsing in the Czech Digital Mathematics Library (DML-CZ) using our Visual Browser web browsing tool. Using dynamic visualization, we have created a tool for browsing the library graphically. Visualization can help users orient themselves in complex data and at the same time reveal sometimes unexpected relationships among units; it at least speeds up browsing. This work follows the metadata processing undertaken on DML-CZ and visualizes all reasonable and useful relationships among journals, issues, articles, authors, classification, keywords, references and similar articles. We converted metadata to RDF and use a Visual Browser Java Applet that runs in a web browser. We describe briefly the metadata nature, then server and client side of the visualization including data formats and conversions. There follows a description of the interaction between visual and textual interfaces.
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