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DML 2010

Towards a Digital Mathematics Library. Paris, France, July 7-8th, 2010

Editor: Sojka, Petr
Organized by: Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics; Ëcole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise
Venue: Paris, France, 2010

Publisher: Masaryk University Press, Brno, Czech Republic, 2010
ISBN: 978-80-210-5242-0

MSC: 00-99, 00B25, 01A90, 68-06

Table of Contents

I-VI Front Matter.  
VII-VIII Table of Contents.  
3-6 Towards a Digital Mathematical Library.  Sojka, Petr
7-7 Mathematical Formulae Recognition and Logical Structure Analysis of Mathematical Papers.  Suzuki, Masakazu
11-26 EuDML—Towards the European Digital Mathematics Library.  Sylwestrzak, Wojtek; Borbinha, José; Bouche, Thierry; Nowiński, Aleksander; Sojka, Petr
27-36 Developing a Metadata Exchange Format for Mathematical Literature.  Ruddy, David
37-42 Designing a Semantic Ground Truth for Mathematical Formulae.  Sexton, Alan; Sorge, Volker; Suzuki, Masakazu
45-55 PDF Enhancements Tools for a Digital Library.  Hatlapatka, Radim; Sojka, Petr
57-62 Metadata Editing and Validation for a Digital Mathematics Library.  Filej, Miha; Růžička, Michal; Šárfy, Martin; Sojka, Petr
63-68 Implementing Dynamic Visualization as an Alternative Interface to a Digital Mathematics Library.  Nevěřilová, Zuzana
69-76 Data Enhancements in a Digital Mathematical Library.  Růžička, Michal; Sojka, Petr
79-81 bdim: the Italian Digital Mathematical Library.  Coti Zelati, Vittorio
83-92 INSPIRE: Realizing the Dream of a Global Digital Library in High-Energy Physics.  Holtkamp, Annette; Mele, Salvatore; Šimko, Tibor; Smith, Tim
95-104 Mathematical Communication and Representation in a Virtual Learning Environment.  Córcoles, César; Huertas, Antonia
105-117 Producing MathML with Tralics.  Grimm, José
119-127 Symbol Declarations in Mathematical Writing.  Wolska, Magdalena; Grigore, Mihai
129-136 Back Matter.  
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