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Proceedings of the 28th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editors: Zizler, Václav; Fabian, Marian; Balcar, Bohuslav
Organized by: Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic; Charles University, Center for Theoretical Study and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics; Union of the Czech Mathematicians and Physicists
Venue: Křišťanovice (Analysis section), Zahrádky (Topology and Set Theory section), 2000

Publisher: Charles University, Praha, 2000
Series: Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Mathematica et Physica, Vol. 41, No. 2

Proceedings published in:
Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica, Vol. 041, Issue 2

Table of Contents

[3] Foreword.  Fabian, Marián; Zizler, Václav; Balcar, Bohuslav
5-6 A generalization of Dubovitskij-Miliutin theorem.  Averbuch, V.
7-11 Nondifferentiable functions, Haar null sets and Wiener measure.  Holický, Petr; Zajíček, Luděk
13-21 Selectivity of almost disjoint families.  Hrušák, M.
23-38 Some recent results on Cohen algebras.  Kamburelis, A.
39-46 Parametric extension of the Poincaré theorem.  Kulpa, W.; Socha, L.; Turzański, M.
47-50 Steinhaus chessboard theorem.  Kulpa, W.; Socha, L.; Turzański, M.
51-60 On the isomorphic classification of weighted spaces of holomorphic functions.  Lusky, W.
61-68 Application of base tree theorem.  Machura, M.; Plewik, S.
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