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Proceedings of the 32nd Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editors: Balcar, Bohuslav; Tišer, Jaroslav
Organized by: Charles University, Center for Theoretical Study and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Venue: Lhota nad Rohanovem (Analysis section), Doksy (Topology and Set Theroy section), 2004

Publisher: Charles University, Praha, 2004
Series: Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Mathematica et Physica, Vol. 45, No. 2


Proceedings published in:
Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica, Vol. 045, Issue 2

Table of Contents

3-4 Foreword.  Balcar, Bohuslav; Tišer, Jaroslav
5-21 Counting and convergence in ergodic theory.  Assani, Idris; Buczolich, Zoltán; Mauldin, Daniel R.
23-34 Radon measures.  Fremlin, David
35-43 A note on minimal dynamical systems.  Geschke, Stefan
45-53 Measures of full dimension on self-affine sets.  Käenmäki, Antti
55-58 Discontinuity points of exactly $k$-to-one functions.  Krzempek, Jerzy; Plewik, Szymon
59-65 Choosing an attacker by a local derivation.  Mathias, A. R. D.
67-73 A scenario for transferring high scores.  Mathias, A. R. D.
75-79 On a property of continuous solutions of the dilation equation with positive coefficients.  Morawiec, Janusz
81-82 An upper bound for countably splitting number.  Simon, Petr
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