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Title: An elementary proof of asymptotic behavior of solutions of U" = VU (English)
Author: Sobajima, Motohiro
Author: Metafune, Giorgio
Language: English
Journal: Proceedings of Equadiff 14
Volume: Conference on Differential Equations and Their Applications, Bratislava, July 24-28, 2017
Issue: 2017
Pages: 369-376
Category: math
Summary: We provide an elementary proof of the asymptotic behavior of solutions of second order differential equations without successive approximation argument. (English)
Keyword: Elementary proof, second-order ordinary differential equations, asymptotic behavior
MSC: 34E10
Date available: 2019-09-27T08:22:29Z
Last updated: 2019-09-27
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Reference: [1] Beals, R., Wong, R.: Special functions., A graduate text, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics 126, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2010. MR 2683157
Reference: [2] Erdélyi, A.: Asymptotic expansions., Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1956.
Reference: [3] Olver, F.W.J.: Asymptotics and special functions., Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Academic Press, New York-London, 1974. MR 0435697
Reference: [4] Reed, M., Simon, B.: Methods of modern mathematical physics. II. Fourier analysis, selfadjointness., Academic Press, New York-London, 1975. MR 0493420


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