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Proceedings of Equadiff 14
Conference on Differential Equations and Their Applications, Bratislava, July 24-28, 2017

Editor: Mikula, Karol
Organized by: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava; Comenius University in Bratislava; Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists; Slovak Mathematical Society; Algoritmy:SK, ltd.
Venue: Bratislava, 2017

Publisher: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, SPEKTRUM STU Publishing, Bratislava, 2017
ISBN: 978-80-227-4757-8

Table of Contents

[i]-[iv] Front matter.  Mikula, Karol; Ševčovič, Daniel; Urbán, Jozef
[v]-[viii] Table of Contents.  
1-10 Positive solutions for a system of fractional boundary value problems.  Henderson, Johnny; Luca, Rodica
11-20 Boundedness and stabilization in a three-dimensional two-species chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes system.  Hirata, Misaki; Kurima, Shunsuke; Mizukami, Masaaki; Yokota, Tomomi
21-28 On the Solution Set of a Nonconvex Nonclosed Second Order Inclusion.  Cernea, Aurelian
29-36 Dynamical model of viscoplasticity.  Kisiel, Konrad
37-44 Nonlinear diffusion equations with perturbation terms on unbounded domains.  Kurima, Shunsuke
45-52 On behavior of solutions to a chemotaxis system with a nonlinear sensitivity function.  Senba, Takasi; Fujie, Kentarou
53-60 Viral infection model with diffusion and state-dependent delay: a case of logistic growth.  Rezounenko, Alexander V.
61-68 Boundedness in a fully parabolic chemotaxis system with signal-dependent sensitivity and logistic term.  Mizukami, Masaaki
69-78 Kolmogorov's epsilon-entropy of the attractor of the strongly damped wave equation in locally uniform spaces.  Slavík, Jakub
79-88 The Tree-Grid Method with Control-Independent Stencil.  Kossaczký, Igor; Ehrhardt, Mattias; Günther, Michael
89-96 Multiple positive solutions for a p-Laplace critical problem (p >1), via Morse theory.  Vannella, Giuseppina
97-106 Propagation of errors in dynamic iterative schemes.  Zubik-Kowal, Barbara
107-116 On Lyapunov stability in hypoplasticity.  Kovtunenko, Victor A.; Krejčí, Pavel; Bauer, Erich; Siváková, Lenka; Zubkova, Anna V.
117-126 Exponential convergence to the stationary measure and hyperbolicity of the minimisers for random Lagrangian Systems.  Boritchev, Alexandre
127-136 Analysis of the FEM and DGM for an elliptic problem with a nonlinear Newton boundary condition.  Feistauer, Miloslav; Bartoš, Ondřej; Roskovec, Filip; Sändig, Anna-Margarete
137-146 Numerical homogenization for indefinite H(curl)-problems.  Verfürth, Barbara
147-156 Singularly perturbed set of periodic functional-differential equations arising in optimal control theory.  Glizer, Valery Y.
157-162 Nonexistence of solutions of some inequalities with gradient nonlinearities and fractional Laplacian.  Galakhov, Evgeny; Salieva, Olga
163-172 Semi-analytical approach to initial problems for systems of nonlinear partial differential equations with constant delay.  Šamajová, Helena
173-180 Visco-elastic-plastic modelling.  Koppová, Jana; Minárová, Mária; Sumec, Jozef
181-190 Cross-Diffusion Systems with Entropy Structure.  Jüngel, Ansgar
191-200 Numerical modeling of heat exchange and unsaturated-saturated flow in porous media.  Kačur, Jozef; Mihala, Patrik; Tóth, Michal
201-210 A well-posedness result for a mass conserved Allen-Cahn equation with nonlinear diffusion.  Kettani, Perla El; Hilhorst, Danielle; Lee, Kai
211-220 Vectorial quasilinear diffusion equation with dynamic boundary condition.  Nakayashiki, Ryota
221-228 Remarks on the qualitative behavior of the undamped Klein-Gordon equation.  Esquivel-Avila, Jorge A.
229-236 Two approaches for the approximation of the nonlinear smoothing term in the image segmentation.  Tibenský, Matúš; Handlovičová, Angela
237-246 Stability of ALE space-time discontinuous Galerkin method.  Vlasák, Miloslav; Balázsová, Monika; Feistauer, Miloslav
247-254 Upper Hausdorff dimension estimates for invariant sets of evolutionary systems on Hilbert manifolds.  Kruck, Amina; Reitmann, Volker
255-264 Gaussian curvature based tangential redistribution of points on evolving surfaces.  Medľa, Matej; Mikula, Karol
265-274 Computational design optimization of low-energy buildings.  Vala, Jiří
275-282 A generalization of the Keller-Segel system to higher dimensions from a structural viewpoint.  Fujie, Kentarou; Senba, Takasi
283-286 A Note on the Uniqueness and Structure of Solutions to the Dirichlet Problem for Some Elliptic Systems.  Chern, Jang-Long; Yotsutani, Shoji; Kawano, Nichiro
287-294 Classical and generalized Jacobi polynomials orthogonal with different weight functions and differential equations satisfied by these polynomials.  Marčoková, Mariana; Guldan, Vladimír
295-304 Stochastic Modulation Equations on Unbounded Domains.  Bianchi, Luigi A.; Blömker, Dirk
305-314 An efficient linear numerical scheme for the Stefan problem, the porous medium equation and nonlinear cross-diffusion systems.  Molati, Motlatsi; Murakawa, Hideki
315-324 Continuous dependence for BV-entropy solutions to strongly degenerate parabolic equations with variable coefficients.  Watanabe, Hiroshi
325-330 Numerical study on the blow-up rate to a quasilinear parabolic equation.  Anada, Koichi; Ishiwata, Tetsuya; Ushijima, Takeo
331-340 Two methods for optical flow estimation.  Frolkovič, Peter; Kleinová, Viera
341-348 Mathematically Modelling The Dissolution Of Solid Dispersions.  Meere, Martin; McGinty, Sean; Pontrelli, Giuseppe
349-358 Toward a mathematical analysis for a model of suspension flowing down an inclined plane.  Matsue, Kaname; Tomoeda, Kyoko
359-368 Behaviour of the support of the solution appearing in some nonlinear diffusion equation with absorption.  Tomoeda, Kenji
369-376 An elementary proof of asymptotic behavior of solutions of U" = VU.  Sobajima, Motohiro; Metafune, Giorgio
377-386 Nonlinear Tensor Diffusion in Image Processing.  Stašová, Olga; Mikula, Karol; Handlovičová, Angela; Peyriéras, Nadine
387-396 New efficient numerical method for 3D point cloud surface reconstruction by using level set methods.  Kósa, Balázs; Haličková-Brehovská, Jana; Mikula, Karol
397-406 Converse problem for the two-component radial Gross-Pitaevskii system with a large coupling parameter.  Casteras, Jean-Baptiste; Sourdis, Christos
[407]-[408] Back matter.  
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