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Title: The dynamics of the drum mower blade (English)
Author: Bartoň, Stanislav
Language: English
Journal: Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics
Volume: Proceedings of Seminar. Hejnice, June 24-29, 2018
Issue: 2018
Pages: 7-14
Category: math
Summary: The drum mower blade is freely rotatable around the fastening pin. During the operation of the mower, the centrifugal force and the resistance of the mowing material act on it. The presented article studies the effect of these forces on the behavior of the blade, in particular its oscillation around the steady state, depending on the properties of the cut material. (English)
Keyword: momentum of force
Keyword: momentum of inertia
Keyword: nonlinear differential equation
Keyword: Maple
MSC: 34A34
MSC: 68U20
MSC: 70B10
DOI: 10.21136/panm.2018.01
Date available: 2019-04-29T13:34:23Z
Last updated: 2021-05-05
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