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Issue 3,  Volume 8, 1967 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

359-376 Об аналитическом представлении линейных операторов в Банаховых функциональных пространствах.  Aleksandrov, I. I.
377-386 Linear differential equations with Newton-integrable coefficients.  Hájek, Otomar; Karták, Karel
387-404 Decomposition of metric spaces into nowhere dense sets.  Štěpánek, Petr; Vopěnka, Petr
405-414 Concerning endomorphisms of finite algebra.  Sichler, Jiří
415-430 On the differentiability of mappings in Banach spaces.  Zizler, Václav E.
431-433 A theorem on mappings.  Katětov, Miroslav
435-451 Nets and groupoids.  Havel, Václav
453-457 On pairs of matrices with property $L$.  Kopáček, Jiří
459-462 The Cauchy problem for linear hyperbolic systems in $L_p$.  Kopáček, Jiří
463-467 One generalization of the fourth harmonic point (Preliminary communication).  Havel, Václav
469-501 Approximate solutions of equations in Banach spaces by the Newton iterative method. Part 2. Hammerstein integral equations.  Groschaftová, Zdenka
503-514 A note on the continuity properties of nonlinear operators.  Kolomý, Josef
515-553 On the differentiability of Urysohn and Nemyckii operators.  Durdil, Jiří
555-566 Construction of special functors and its applications.  Hušek, Miroslav
567 A correction to my paper: “Interdependence of weakened forms of axiom of choice”.  Jech, Tomáš
567-568 Decomposition of metric space into nowhere dense sets: A correction.  Štěpánek, Petr; Vopěnka, Petr
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