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Issue 3,  Volume 26, 1985 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

421-442 A fuzzy modification of the category of linearly ordered spaces.  Šostak, A.
443-454 Equivalence of some geometric and related results of nonlinear functional analysis.  Daneš, Josef
455-466 A note on the solvability of nonlinear elliptic problems with jumping nonlinearities.  Donati, Flavio
467-475 Some automorphisms of natural numbers in the alternative set theory.  Mlček, Josef
477-498 Constructibility and shiftings of view.  Sochor, Antonín
499-514 Notes on revealed classes.  Sochor, Antonín
515-523 Special lattices of compactifications.  Caterino, Alessandro
525-552 Biequivalences and topology in the alternative set theory.  Guričan, Jaroslav; Zlatoš, Pavol
553-563 Remarks on $I$-density and $I$-approximately continuous functions.  Poreda, W.; Wagner-Bojakowska, E.; Wilczyński, Władysław
565-577 On a priori estimates for positive solutions of a semilinear biharmonic equation in a ball.  Oswald, P.
579-588 Two non-homeomorphic countable spaces having homeomorphic squares.  Marjanović, M. M.; Vučemilović, Ante R.
589-595 1-perfect codes over self-complementary graphs.  Kratochvíl, Jan
597-609 Extension of differentiable functions.  Aversa, Vincenzo; Laczkovich, M.; Preiss, David
611-617 On the existence of bounded solutions of differential equations in Banach spaces.  Dawidowski, Marian
619-630 A constructive proof of the Tychonoff's theorem for locales.  Kříž, Igor
631-635 Short branches in the Rudin-Frolík order.  Butkovičová, Eva
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