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Issue 2,  Volume 26, 1985 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

209-220 A generalization of the theorem of Mauldin.  Balcerzak, Marek
221-232 A fixed point result of Seghal-Smithson type.  Turinici, Mihai
233-239 A simple geometric proof of a theorem on $M_n$.  Tůma, Jiří
241-252 Nonisomorphic thin-tall superatomic Boolean algebras.  Simon, Petr; Weese, Martin
253-258 On the central limit problem for processes of zero entropy.  Volný, Dalibor
259-267 Hercules and Hydra, a game on rooted finite trees.  Loebl, Martin
269-274 Some class of uniformly non-square Orlicz-Bochner spaces.  Hudzik, Henryk
275-283 Group distances of Latin squares.  Drápal, Aleš; Kepka, Tomáš
285-298 ARMA models with nonstationary white noise.  Cipra, Tomáš; Anděl, Jiří
299-308 A fixed point theorem.  Le Van Hot
309-314 Note on the number of monoids of order $n$.  Koubek, Václav; Rödl, Vojtěch
315-318 Retour sur les caractères fermé et relativement ouvert du cône-barrière d'un convexe.  Bair, Jacques
319-322 Note on a paper of McMorris and Shier.  Voss, Heinz-Jürgen
323-325 On racial insufficiency: White messengers cannot simulate coloured ones.  Úlehla, Josef
327-335 Configuration conditions of small point rank in 3-nets.  Havel, Václav
337-352 Invariant cohomology of the Poisson Lie algebra of a symplectic manifold.  De Wilde, Marc; Lecomte, Pierre B. A.; Melotte, D.
353-361 Polyadic spaces of arbitrary compactness numbers.  Bell, Murray G.
363-372 Changes of the outcome of combinatorial games with differing number of prohibited repetitions.  Kříž, Igor
373-385 On paracompactness in uniform spaces.  Fried, Jan
387-395 On affine Kac-Moody Lie algebras.  Vougiouklis, Thomas N.
397-413 Surjectivity theorems for multi-valued mappings of accretive type.  Morales, Claudio H.
415-419 On the complexity of the subgraph problem.  Nešetřil, Jaroslav; Poljak, Svatopluk
420 Threshold moving average model.  Fuchs, Alexander
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