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Issue 3,  Volume 29, 1988 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

399-402 Extensions of nonexpansive mappings in the Hilbert ball with the hyperbolic metric. I.  Kuczumow, Tadeusz; Stachura, Adam
403-410 Extensions of nonexpansive mappings in the Hilbert ball with the hyperbolic metric. II.  Kuczumow, Tadeusz; Stachura, Adam
411-420 The factorization theorem for paracompact $\Sigma$-spaces.  Charalambous, Michael G.
421-426 Nonisolated singularities of solutions to a quasilinear elliptic system.  Malý, Jan
427-434 An application of the theory of isosceles (ultrametric) spaces to the Trnková-Vinárek theorem.  Lemin, A. J.
435-456 Arithmetic of cuts and cuts of classes.  Kalina, Martin; Zlatoš, Pavol
457-463 Chromatic number of products of graphs.  Puš, Vladimír
465-475 On deductive varieties of locally convex spaces.  Berger, Sergej M.
477-484 Compactifications and $L$-separation.  Wajch, Eliza
485-499 A contribution to topology in AST: Almost indiscernibilities.  Čuda, Karel
501-517 Addition of initial segments. I.  Sochor, Antonín
519-528 Addition of initial segments. II.  Sochor, Antonín
529-539 On equivalence relations on a differential space.  Sasin, Wiesław
541-550 Stability of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of variational inequalities.  Resler, Jaroslav
551-556 On a unification problem related to Kreisel's conjecture.  Pudlák, Pavel
557-558 Any orthomodular poset is a pasting of Boolean algebras.  Rogalewicz, Vladimír
559-565 Compactifications with finite remainders.  Wajch, Eliza
567-575 Some remarks and applications of an extension of a lemma of Ky Fan.  Sessa, Salvatore
577-595 An isomorphical classification of function spaces of zero-dimensional locally compact separable metric spaces.  Baars, Jan; de Groot, Joost
597-600 Bade's theorem on the uniformly closed algebra generated by a Boolean algebra.  Ricker, Werner J.
601-609 Quasicontinuity and some classes of Baire 1 functions.  Kostyrko, Pavel
610 [Miroslav Katětov septuagenarian].  
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