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Issue 4,  Volume 31, 1990 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

613-619 Butler groups and lattices of types.  Goeters, H. Pat; Ullery, William
621-625 Von Neumann regular rings and the Whitehead property of modules.  Trlifaj, Jan
627-635 On lattices and algebras of simple functions.  Abramovich, Yurij Aleksandrovich; Lipecki, Zbigniew
637-641 Degree of convexity and product spaces.  Casini, Emanuele
643-654 On entire solutions of elliptic equations with a singular nonlinearity.  Chabrowski, Jan H.; König, Manfred
655-660 Orthogonal vector measures on projection lattices in a Hilbert space.  Hamhalter, Jan
661-684 Support functionals and smoothness in Musielak-Orlicz sequence spaces endowed with the Luxemburg norm.  Hudzik, Henryk; Ye, Yi Ning
685-691 On the Hammerstein integral equations in Banach spaces.  Januszewski, Janusz
693-700 Distinguishing example for the Tillmann product of distributions.  Jelínek, Jiří
701-710 On accretive multivalued mappings in Banach spaces.  Kolomý, Josef
711-721 Boundary value problems with nonlinear boundary conditions in Banach spaces.  Marino, Giuseppe; Pietramala, Paolamaria
723-730 An extension of Fan's fixed point theorem and equilibrium point of an abstract economy.  Tarafdar, Enayat
731-741 On the $\lambda$-property of Orlicz space $L_M$.  Wu, Congxin; Sun, Huiying
743-749 On isomorphisms between $\sigma$-ideals on $\omega_1$.  Balcerzak, Marek
751-763 Some connections between measure, indiscernibility and representation of cuts.  Kalina, Martin; Zlatoš, Pavol
765-767 A note on the Ramsey-type theorem of Erdös.  Zindulka, Ondřej
769-774 Preference numbers and funnel dimension.  Aarts, Jan M.; van Maaren, H.
775-779 Not all dyadic spaces are supercompact.  Bell, Murray G.
781-791 On some properties of the metric dimension.  Mišík, Ladislav; Žáčik, Tibor
793-810 Generic chaos.  Snoha, Ľubomír
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