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Issue 3,  Volume 31, 1990 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

405-410 Weak subalgebra lattices.  Bartol, Wiktor
411-414 Weak subalgebra lattices of monounary partial algebras.  Bartol, Wiktor
415-425 Remarks on equational theories of semilattices with operators.  Ježek, Jaroslav; Newrly, Norbert; Tůma, Jiří
427-429 Direct finiteness of group rings - a simple proof of the Kaplansky's conjecture for finite groups.  Trlifaj, Jan
431-433 On rings with zero divisors. Strong $V$-groups.  Vougiouklis, Thomas
435-443 On the non-$l_n^{(1)}$ and locally uniformly non-$l_n^{(1)}$ properties, and $l^1$ copies in Musielak-Orlicz spaces.  Alherk, Ghassan
445-452 On convexity and smoothness of Banach space.  Banaś, Józef; Hajnosz, Andrzej; Wędrychowicz, Stanisław
453-474 $C^\alpha$-regularity results for quasilinear parabolic systems.  Bensoussan, Alain; Frehse, Jens
475-478 Gelfand-Phillips property in the completion of the space of Pettis integrable functions.  Emmanuele, Giovanni
479-487 On measures of noncompactness in general topological vector spaces.  Kaniok, Lothar
489-499 Lucid operators on Banach spaces.  Kissel, Peter; Schock, Eberhard
501-510 Remarks on delta-convex functions.  Kopecká, Eva; Malý, Jan
511-515 Remarks on some nonlinear Dirichlet problems with unbounded nonlinearities.  Nieto, Juan J.
517-527 On evolution inclusions associated with time dependent convex subdifferentials.  Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
529-542 Continuity of superposition operators on $w_0$ and $W_0$.  Płuciennik, Ryszard
543-555 A new variant for the Meijer's integral transform.  Rodríguez, Josemar
557-565 On weak solutions to a viscoelasticity model.  Milota, Jaroslav; Nečas, Jindřich; Šverák, Vladimír
567-587 All linear and bilinear natural concomitants of vector valued differential forms.  Cap, Andreas
589-600 Bi-Lipschitz embeddings into low-dimensional Euclidean spaces.  Matoušek, Jiří
601-605 Note on approximate non-Gaussian filtering with nonlinear observation relation.  Cipra, Tomáš
607-612 A non-special $\omega_2$-tree with special $\omega_1$-subtrees.  Soukup, Lajos
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