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Issue 3,  Volume 38, 2002 (Archivum Mathematicum)

161-169 Commutative nonstationary stochastic fields.  Ra'ed, Hatamleh
171-182 Multiple solutions for nonlinear periodic problems with discontinuities.  Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.; Yannakakis, Nikolaos
183-200 Heteroclinic orbits in plane dynamical systems.  Malaguti, Luisa; Marcelli, Cristina
201-208 Fixed and coincidence points of hybrid mappings.  Pathak, H. K.; Khan, M. S.
209-217 Homomorphisms from the unitary group to the general linear group over complex number field and applications.  Cao, Chong-Guang; Zhang, Xian
219-226 Common fixed point theorems for fuzzy mappings.  Rashwan, R. A.; Ahmed, Magdy A.
227-241 On $F$-differentiable Fredholm operators of nonstationary initial-boundary value problems.  Ďurikovič, Vladimír; Ďurikovičová, Monika
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