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prime near-ring; derivation; $\sigma $-derivation; $(\sigma, \tau )$-derivation; $(\sigma, \tau )$-commuting derivation
There is an increasing body of evidence that prime near-rings with derivations have ring like behavior, indeed, there are several results (see for example [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] and [8]) asserting that the existence of a suitably-constrained derivation on a prime near-ring forces the near-ring to be a ring. It is our purpose to explore further this ring like behaviour. In this paper we generalize some of the results due to Bell and Mason [4] on near-rings admitting a special type of derivation namely $(\sigma ,\tau )$- derivation where $\sigma ,\tau $ are automorphisms of the near-ring. Finally, it is shown that under appropriate additional hypothesis a near-ring must be a commutative ring.
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