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Issue 2,  Volume 26, 1976 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

(171c)-(171j) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
171-173 A necessary and sufficient condition for continuity of additive functions.  Smítal, Jaroslav
174-182 Sequentially quotient mappings.  Boone, James R.; Siwiec, Frank
183-191 A set functor which commutes with all homfunctors is a homfunctor.  Koubek, Václav; Reiterman, Jan
192-206 Hereditary and cohereditary preradicals.  Bican, Ladislav; Jambor, Pavel; Kepka, Tomáš; Němec, Petr
207-210 Partition of nondenumerable closed sets of reals.  Abian, Alexander
211-217 Completely prime ideals and idempotents in mobs.  Shum, Kar-Ping; Stewart, Patrick N.
218-238 Archimedean classes in an ordered semigroup. I.  Saitô, Tôru
239-247 Archimedean classes in an ordered semigroup. II.  Saitô, Tôru
248-251 Archimedean classes in an ordered semigroup. III.  Saitô, Tôru
252-258 Über den Orbitraum Liescher Transformationsgruppen.  Gollek, Hubert
259-269 Weakly associative lattices and tolerance relations.  Chajda, Ivan; Zelinka, Bohdan
270-272 Maximal ideals in a semigroup of measures.  Chow, Hing Lun
273-279 Embedding trees into block graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
280-282 Nonsingular semilattices and semigroups.  Johnson, C. S., Jr.; McMorris, F. R.
283-296 Distance in graphs.  Entringer, Roger C.; Jackson, D. E.; Snyder, D. A.
297-303 On the existence of parallel normal vector fields of surfaces in $E^4$.  Švec, Alois
304-311 On existence conditions for compatible tolerances.  Chajda, Ivan; Niederle, Josef; Zelinka, Bohdan
312-318 Discontinuous Liapunov functions for differential equations with measurable right-hand sides.  Krbec, Pavel
319-329 $\ell_1$-continuous partitions of unity on normed spaces.  Zahradník, Miloš
330-338 $W$-isomorphisms of distributive lattices.  Jakubík, Ján
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