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Issue 1,  Volume 29, 1979 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

(1c)-(1j) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
1-10 Cohomology and special extensions of groups.  Garfinkel, Gerald S.; Wu, Yel-Chiang
11-12 Varieties of $l$-groups are torsion classes.  Holland, W. Charles
13-20 Polarity compatible with a closure system.  Šmarda, Bohumil
21-26 A note on some varieties of point algebras.  Saade, Marshall
27-52 A contribution to the theory of stability of differential equations in Banach space.  Neustupa, Jiří
53-56 p.p. rings and reduced rings.  Szeto, George
57-61 Remarks on the rows and columns of $P$ in the matrix equation $A=PP^*$.  Hartfiel, Darald J.; Smith, Patricia L.
62-83 $F$-quasigroups isotopic to Moufang loops.  Kepka, Tomáš
84-96 Varieties of quasigroups determined by short strictly balanced identities.  Ježek, Jaroslav; Kepka, Tomáš
97-104 Quasi-injective $S$-systems and their $S$-endomorphism semigroup.  Lopez, Antonio M., Jr.; Luedeman, John K.
105-112 Nonuniqueness for the solutions of ordinary differential equations.  Kalas, Josef
113-115 On summability in convergence groups.  Kliś, Czesław
116-129 Über projektive Erweiterung affiner Klingenbergscher Ebenen.  Machala, František
130-141 Products of uniform spaces.  Hušek, Miroslav
142-143 A class of sets whose distance set fills an interval.  Lee, Ken W.
144-147 The coefficient ring of the skew group ring.  Osterburg, James
148-152 On the density of certain sets in arithmetical semigroups.  Porubský, Štefan
153-158 A note on a result of Kendall.  Dayanithy, Kandiah
159-162 Finite Abelian semigroups represented into the power set of finite groups.  Lau, August
163-168 In memoriam Professor Jiří Fábera, corresponding member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.  
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