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Issue 3,  Volume 29, 1979 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

(337c)-(337h) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
337-339 Zerlegbarkeitskriterien für Invarianten torsionsfreier abelscher Gruppen des Ranges 2.  Mutzbauer, Otto
340-348 On the differentiation of convex functions in finite and infinite dimensional spaces.  Zajíček, Luděk
349-352 On the existence of 1-factors in partial squares of graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
353-358 The Cartesian product of sets and the Hessenberg natural product of ordinals.  Levitz, Hilbert
359-365 On algebraic closures of compact elements.  Kutinová, Blanka; Sturm, Teo
366-377 О ретракции отображений.  Nepomnjaščij, G. M.; Smirnov, Yu. M.
378-384 Об эквивалентности некоторых свойств непрерывных отображений.  Nepomnjaščij, G. M.
385-395 On congruence lattices in a category.  Adámek, Jiří; Sturm, Teo
396-405 Lattices of convex equivalences.  Sturm, Teo
406-420 Systems of unary algebras with common endomorphisms. I.  Jakubíková, Danica
421-429 Systems of unary algebras with common endomorphisms. II.  Jakubíková, Danica
430-450 Régularité de la solution forte de problèmes non linéaires d'évolution.  Garroni, Maria Giovanna; Vivaldi, Maria Agostina
451-477 Boundary value problems for generalized linear differential equations.  Schwabik, Štefan; Tvrdý, Milan
478-499 On integration in Banach spaces, III.  Dobrakov, Ivan
500-501 Note on homomorphisms of direct products of algebras.  Pondělíček, Bedřich
502 Correction to the paper “Continuous dependence of holomorphic functions on partly given boundary values”.  Vrkoč, Ivo
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