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Issue 2,  Volume 37, 1987 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

175-180 A characterization of tolerance-distributive tree semilattices.  Chajda, Ivan; Zelinka, Bohdan
181-187 Locally fine uniformities and normal covers.  Pelant, Jan
188-196 State space properties of finite logics.  Navara, Mirko
197-206 Arithmeticity at 0.  Duda, Jaromír
207-230 Vector fields on hyperspheres.  Švec, Alois
231-247 Sequentially determined convergence spaces.  Beattie, Ronald; Butzmann, Heinz-Peter
248-261 On a theorem of Cartan.  Graversen, Svend Erik; Rao, Murali
262-270 Necessary and sufficient conditions for oscillation of delay equations with constant coefficients.  Grammatikopoulos, Myron K.; Ladas, G.; Sficas, Yiannis G.
271-292 Optimal stopping and impulsive control of one-dimensional diffusion processes.  Thomas, Robin
293-309 Butler groups of infinite rank and axiom 3.  Albrecht, Ulrich F.; Hill, Paul
310-312 A simple proof of Vinogradov's theorem on the orderability of the free product of $o$-groups.  Révész, Gábor
313-317 Tolerances on graph algebras.  Zelinka, Bohdan
318-319 On a problem of P. Vestergaard concerning circuits in graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
320-322 Sets with no uncountable Blackwell subsets.  Shortt, Rae Michael
323-333 Uniquely realizable score lists in bipartite tournaments.  Bagga, Kunwarjit S.; Beineke, Lowell W.
334-341 On the existence of infinitely many periodic solutions for an equation of a rectangular thin plate.  Feireisl, Eduard
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