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Issue 3,  Volume 37, 1987 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

343-350 Locally one-to-one mappings on graphs.  Charatonik, J. J.; Miklos, Stanisław; Omiljanowski, Krzysztof
351-375 Monoidwertige Integrale.  Marik, Wolfgang J.
376-385 On supercomplete uniform spaces. II.  Hohti, Aarno
386-399 Superlinear elliptic boundary value problems.  Kannan, R.; Ortega, Rafael
400-406 On chains of free modules over valuation domains.  Dimitrić, Radoslav
407-414 On completion of cyclically ordered sets.  Novák, Vítězslav; Novotný, Miroslav
415-423 A generalization of N. Aronszajn's theorem on connectedness of the fixed point set of a compact mapping.  Kubáček, Zbyněk
424-470 Linear differential equations with quasiperiodic coefficients.  Kurzweil, Jaroslav; Vencovská, Alena
471-479 On convergence groups with dense coarse subgroups.  Dikranjan, Dikran; Frič, Roman; Zanolin, Fabio
480-486 A coarse convergence group need not be precompact.  Simon, Petr; Zanolin, Fabio
487-506 On integration in Banach spaces, VIII. Polymeasures.  Dobrakov, Ivan
507-508 125th anniversary of the Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicists.  
511-(522) Summaries of articles published in this journal.  
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