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Issue 2,  Volume 34, 1993 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

199-201 On a class of commutative groupoids determined by their associativity triples.  Drápal, Aleš
203-211 Copure injective resolutions, flat resolvents and dimensions.  Enochs, Edgar E.; Overtoun, Jenda M. G.
213-219 Semirings whose additive endomorphisms are multiplicative.  Kepka, Tomáš
221-222 A note on simple medial quasigroups.  Ščukin, K. K.
223-227 Simple quasigroups whose inner permutations commute.  Kepka, Tomáš; Ščukin, K. K.
229-237 On the numerical range of operators on locally and on H-locally convex spaces.  Kramar, Edvard
239-251 Existence results for differential equations in Banach spaces.  Lee, John W.; O'Regan, Donal
253-255 Non-commutative Gelfand-Naimark theorem.  Migda, Janusz
257-264 On zeros and fixed points of multifunctions with non-compact convex domains.  Park, Sehie; Bae, Jong Sook
265-273 Köthe dual of Banach sequence spaces $\ell_p[X]$ $(1\le p<\infty)$ and Grothendieck space.  Wu, Congxin; Bu, Qingying
275-293 On the exterior steady problem for the equations of a viscous isothermal gas.  Padula, Mariarosaria
295-312 Global in time solvability of the initial boundary value problem for some nonlinear dissipative evolution equations.  Shibata, Yoshihiro
313-322 Dirac operators on hypersurfaces.  Bureš, Jarolím
323-334 Contact manifolds, harmonic curvature tensor and $(k,\mu )$-nullity distribution.  Papantoniou, Basil J.
335-340 On non-nested regression models.  Anděl, Jiří
341-346 Bernoulli sequences and Borel measurability in $(0,1)$.  Veselý, Petr
347-356 On $p$-sequential $p$-compact spaces.  Garcia-Ferreira, Salvador; Tamariz-Mascarua, Angel
357-362 A strengthening of the Katětov-Tong insertion theorem.  Kubiak, Tomasz
363-366 The existence of local homeomorphisms of degree $n>1$ on local dendrites.  Miklos, S.
367-373 On the metric dimension of converging sequences.  Mišík, Ladislav, Jr.; Žáčik, Tibor
375-382 Relatively realcompact sets and nearly pseudocompact spaces.  Schommer, John J.
383-395 The notion of closedness in topological categories.  Baran, Mehmet
397-399 Partitions of $k$-branching trees and the reaping number of Boolean algebras.  Laflamme, Claude
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