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Issue 3,  Volume 34, 1993 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

401-404 A finite dimensional reduction of the Schauder Conjecture.  De Pascale, Espedito
405-411 The monotone iterative technique for periodic boundary value problems of second order impulsive differential equations.  Liz, E.; Nieto, Juan J.
413-417 On the existence of the price equilibrium by different methods.  Tarafdar, E.; Thompson, H. B.
419-424 The distance between subdifferentials in the terms of functions.  Veselý, Libor
425-431 A note on the existence of solution for semilinear heat equations with polynomial growth nonlinearity.  Kim, Wan Se
433-442 On the uniformly normal structure of Orlicz spaces with Orlicz norm.  Wang, Tingfu; Shi, Zhongrui
443-449 Sufficient conditions for convexity in manifolds without focal points.  Beltagy, M.
451-457 Nonhomogeneous Riemannian 3-manifolds with distinct constant Ricci eigenvalues.  Kowalski, Oldřich
459-463 On total curvature of immersions and minimal submanifolds of spheres.  Rotondaro, Giovanni
465-482 Necessary and sufficient conditions for weak convergence of random sums of independent random variables.  Krajka, A.; Rychlik, Z.
483-500 Some adaptive estimators for slope parameter.  Viet, Tran Quoc
501-511 On the injectivity of Boolean algebras.  Banaschewski, B.
513-524 On the topological structure of compact 5-manifolds.  Cavicchioli, Alberto; Spaggiari, Fulvia
525-527 On the $k$-Baire property.  Fedeli, Alessandro
529-537 Totally bounded frame quasi-uniformities.  Fletcher, P.; Hunsaker, W.; Lindgren, W.
539-541 Short proofs of two theorems in topology.  Ismail, M.; Szymański, A.
543-547 Some conditions under which a uniform space is fine.  Marconi, Umberto
549-565 Topos based homology theory.  Mielke, M. V.
567-574 Biframe compactifications.  Schauerte, A.
575-581 An example in the theory of approximate systems.  Uglešić, N.
583-586 On subspaces of pseudo-radial spaces.  Zhou, Jin-Yuan
587-591 On direct sums of $\Cal B^{(1)}$-groups.  Metelli, Claudia
593-595 Selfduality of the system of convex subsets of a partially ordered set.  Zelina, Miron
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