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Issue 3,  Volume 36, 1995 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

417-421 Almost split sequences and module categories: A complementary view to Auslander-Reiten Theory.  Fernández, Ariel
423-426 $\bigcap$-compact modules.  Kepka, Tomáš
427-428 An inequality for the coefficients of a cosine polynomial.  Alzer, Horst
429-442 Topological properties of the solution set of integrodifferential inclusions.  Avgerinos, Evgenios P.; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
443-458 Extensions of linear operators from hyperplanes of $l^{(n)}_\infty$.  Baronti, Marco; Fragnelli, Vito; Lewicki, Grzegorz
459-460 A characterization of the existence of solutions to some higher order boundary value problems.  Bonanno, Gabriele; Marano, Salvatore A.
461-469 A full descriptive definition of the BV-integral.  Bongiorno, B.; Di Piazza, L.; Pfeffer, W. F.
471-474 On essential sets of function algebras in terms of their orthogonal measures.  Čerych, Jan
475-487 Existence and non-existence of global solutions for nonlinear hyperbolic equations of higher order.  Chen, Guowang; Wang, Shubin
489-491 A remark on a paper by Bhattacharya and Leonetti.  D'Ottavio, Anna
493-502 Strong subdifferentiability of norms and geometry of Banach spaces.  Godefroy, G.; Montesinos, V.; Zizler, V.
503-510 Some (new) counterexamples of parabolic systems.  Stará, Jana; John, Oldřich
511-517 Examples of discontinuous, divergence-free solutions to elliptic variational problems.  Hao, Wenge; Leonardi, Salvatore; Steinhauer, Mark
519-527 Eigenvalues of the $p$-Laplacian in ${\boldkey R}^N$ with indefinite weight.  Huang, Yin Xi
529-536 Which topological spaces have a weak reflection in compact spaces?.  Kovár, Martin Maria
537-549 On extended frames.  Picado, Jorge
551-562 Attouch-Wets convergence and Kuratowski convergence on compact sets.  Piccione, Paolo; Sampalmieri, Rosella
563-578 Monotone normality and extension of functions.  Stares, I. S.
579-584 On resolvable spaces and groups.  Villegas-Silva, Luis Miguel
585-597 The fundamental theorem of dynamical systems.  Norton, Douglas E.
599-607 On the equivalence of algebraic and geometric local cohomology.  Sun, Shu-Hao
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