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Issue 4,  Volume 38, 1997 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

615-625 Multiple left distributive systems.  Dehornoy, Patrick
627-634 Results on Colombeau product of distributions.  Damyanov, Blagovest
635-644 Invariant subspaces for some operators on locally convex spaces.  Kramar, Edvard
645-655 Continuity of order-preserving functions.  Lavrič, Boris
657-663 Fixed points for multifunctions on generalized metric spaces with applications to a multivalued Cauchy problem.  Petruşel, Adrian
665-679 On bounds of the drag for Stokes flow around a body without thickness.  Bresch, Didier
681-695 Full regularity of weak solutions to a class of nonlinear fluids in two dimensions -- stationary, periodic problem.  Kaplický, Petr; Málek, Josef; Stará, Jana
697-715 On non-homogeneous viscous incompressible fluids. Existence of regular solutions.  Lemoine, Jérôme
717-741 Combined finite element -- finite volume method (convergence analysis).  Lukáčová-Medviďová, Mária
743-748 Separation of $(n+1)$-families of sets in general position in $\bold R^n$.  Balaj, Mircea
749-759 On the quantification of uniform properties.  Lowen, R.; Windels, B.
761-774 Semiconvex compacta.  Nykyforchyn, O. R.
775-790 Generalized linearly ordered spaces and weak pseudocompactness.  Okunev, O.; Tamariz-Mascarúa, A.
791-799 Finite spaces and the universal bundle of a group.  Witbooi, Peter
801-814 Localic Katětov-Tong insertion theorem and localic Tietze extension theorem.  Li, Yong Min; Guo-jun, Wang
815-815 Correction to the paper: On linear functorial operators extending pseudometrics.  Banakh, T.; Pikhurko, O.
815-816 Correction to the paper: Random coincidence degree theory with applications to random differential inclusions.  Tarafdar, E.; Watson, P.; Yuan, Xian-Zhi
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