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Issue 3,  Volume 38, 1997 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

421-431 Nonlinear homogeneous eigenvalue problem in $R^N$: nonstandard variational approach.  Drábek, Pavel; Moudan, Zakaria; Touzani, Abdelfettah
433-451 Indices of Orlicz spaces and some applications.  Fiorenza, Alberto; Krbec, Miroslav
453-462 On a $d$-parameter ergodic theorem for continuous semigroups of operators satisfying norm conditions.  Hasegawa, Shigeru; Sato, Ryotaro
463-469 Pseudomonotonicity and nonlinear hyperbolic equations.  Kandilakis, Dimitrios A.
471-484 Operational quantities.  Martinón, Antonio
485-496 On modular approximation property in the Besicovitch-Orlicz space of almost periodic functions.  Morsli, Mohamed
497-511 A two-weight inequality for the Bessel potential operator.  Rakotondratsimba, Y.
513-536 Prime Ideal Theorems and systems of finite character.  Erné, Marcel
537-544 On CCC boolean algebras and partial orders.  Hajnal, A.; Juhász, I.; Szentmiklóssy, Z.
545-552 Choice principles in elementary topology and analysis.  Herrlich, Horst
553-556 When is $\bold N$ Lindelöf?.  Herrlich, Horst; Strecker, George E.
557-562 On the product of a compact space with an hereditarily absolutely countably compact space.  Bonanzinga, Maddalena
563-569 How restrictive is topological dynamics?.  Iwanik, A.
571-580 A basic approach to the perfect extensions of spaces.  Nordo, Giorgio
581-586 On the Noetherian type of topological spaces.  Peregudov, S. A.
587-602 A generalization of the exterior product of differential forms combining Hom-valued forms.  Gross, Christian
603-613 On congruences of $G$-sets.  Vernikov, B. M.
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