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Issue 4,  Volume 40, 1999 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

607-615 Primes, coprimes and multiplicative elements.  Janowitz, Melvin F.; Powers, R. C.; Riedel, T.
617-629 On reductive and distributive algebras.  Romanowska, Anna
631-634 Arithmetical classification of the set of all provably recursive functions.  Švejdar, Vítězslav
635-650 Hopf algebra structure $H^{\sigma-R}$ with two sided invertible 2-cocycle.  Wang, Shuanhong; Wang, Dingguo
651-663 Elliptic boundary value problem in Vanishing Mean Oscillation hypothesis.  Ragusa, Maria Alessandra
665-678 Pointwise and locally uniform convergence of holomorphic and harmonic functions.  Štěpničková, Libuše
679-699 Solutions to a perturbed critical semilinear equation concerning the $N$-Laplacian in $\Bbb R^{N}$.  Tonkes, Elliot
701-711 On a nonlinear elliptic system: resonance and bifurcation cases.  Zuluaga, Mario
713-721 Infinitesimal characterization of almost Hermitian homogeneous spaces.  Console, Sergio; Nicolodi, Lorenzo
723-733 Curvature tensors and Singer invariants of four-dimensional homogeneous spaces.  Kiyota, Yuki; Tsukada, Kazumi
735-753 Connectedness and local connectedness of topological groups and extensions.  Alas, O. T.; Tkačenko, M. G.; Tkachuk, V. V.; Wilson, R. G.
755-770 The Tamano Theorem in $\Cal MAP$.  Buhagiar, David
771-775 Products, the Baire category theorem, and the axiom of dependent choice.  Herrlich, Horst; Keremedis, Kyriakos
777-783 Embedding of the ordinal segment $[0,\omega_1]$ into continuous images of Valdivia compacta.  Kalenda, Ondřej
785-788 $C_p(I)$ is not subsequential.  Malykhin, V. I.
789-793 A remark on associative copulas.  Mikusiński, Piotr; Taylor, M. D.
795-799 A note on intermediate differentiability of Lipschitz functions.  Zajíček, Luděk
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