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Issue 3,  Volume 40, 1999 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

403-411 Vanishing of sections of vector bundles on 0-dimensional schemes.  Ballico, E.
413-427 Closure rings.  Gardner, B. J.; Stokes, Tim
429-440 The Bordalo order on a commutative ring.  Henriksen, Melvin; Smith, F. A.
441-446 On a generalization of $QI$-rings.  Jirásko, J.
447-456 An identity related to centralizers in semiprime rings.  Vukman, Joso
457-475 On blow-up and asymptotic behavior of solutions to a nonlinear parabolic equation of second order with nonlinear boundary conditions.  Boni, Théodore K.
477-481 Nonuniqueness for some linear oblique derivative problems for elliptic equations.  Lieberman, Gary M.
483-490 Vector integral equations with discontinuous right-hand side.  Cammaroto, Filippo; Cubiotti, Paolo
491-494 Pervasive algebras on planar compacts.  Čerych, Jan
495-510 Remarks on fixed points of rotative Lipschitzian mappings.  Górnicki, Jarosław
511-529 Topological dual of non-locally convex Orlicz-Bochner spaces.  Nowak, Marian
531-536 On AP and WAP spaces.  Bella, A.; Yaschenko, I. V.
537-549 On a problem of Nogura about the product of Fréchet-Urysohn $\langle \alpha_4\rangle$-spaces.  Costantini, Camillo
551-560 Productivity of coreflective classes of topological groups.  Herrlich, Horst; Hušek, Miroslav
561-570 Spaces with $\sigma$-$n$-linked topologies as special subspaces of separable spaces.  Levy, Ronnie; Matveev, Mikhail
571-576 An example of strongly self-homeomorphic dendrite not pointwise self-homeomorphic.  Pyrih, Pavel
577-592 Linear programming duality and morphisms.  Hochstättler, Winfried; Nešetřil, Jaroslav
593-597 Characteristic zero loop space homology for certain two-cones.  Popescu, Calin
599-606 Abstracts of CSc. theses in mathematics.  
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