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Issue 1,  Volume 45, 2004 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-7 A combinatorial property and power graphs of semigroups.  Kelarev, A. V.; Quinn, S. J.
9-15 Perimeter preservers of nonnegative integer matrices.  Song, Seok-Zun; Kang, Kyung-Tae; Yi, Sucheol
17-36 On conditions for the boundedness of the Weyl fractional integral on weighted $L^p$ spaces.  de Rosa, L.; de la Torre, A.
37-72 The structure of the $\sigma$-ideal of $\sigma$-porous sets.  Zelený, Miroslav; Pelant, Jan
73-90 Differentiability of weak solutions of nonlinear second order parabolic systems with quadratic growth and nonlinearity $q\ge 2$.  Fattorusso, Luisa
91-100 On $m$-sectorial Schrödinger-type operators with singular potentials on manifolds of bounded geometry.  Milatovic, Ognjen
101-107 Asymptotic stability for a nonlinear evolution equation.  Hongwei, Zhang; Guowang, Chen
109-117 Estimation variances for parameterized marked Poisson processes and for parameterized Poisson segment processes.  Mrkvička, Tomáš
119-137 Cardinal characteristics of the ideal of Haar null sets.  Banakh, T.
139-144 A sufficient condition for maximal resolvability of topological spaces.  Bienias, Jerzy; Terepeta, Małgorzata
145-151 In search for Lindelöf $C_p$'s.  Buzyakova, Raushan Z.
153-167 Subgroups and products of $\Bbb R$-factorizable $P$-groups.  Hernández, Constancio; Tkachenko, Michael
169-176 Spaces with countable $sn$-networks.  Ying, Ge
177-177 Correction to the paper: Covering $^\omega \omega $ by special Cantor sets.  Gruenhage, Gary; Levy, Ronnie
179-188 Abstracts of theses in mathematics.  
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