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Issue 2,  Volume 45, 2004 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

Special Issue: International Conference Loops'03
The issue consists of papers presented at the international conference Loops’03, the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, 10 August – 17 August 2003.

189-190 Introduction.  
191-212 Embedding $3$-homogeneous latin trades into abelian $2$-groups.  Cavenagh, Nicholas J.
213-221 On loops whose inner permutations commute.  Csörgö, Piroska; Kepka, Tomáš
223-236 On multiplication groups of left conjugacy closed loops.  Drápal, Aleš
237-255 An alternative way to classify some Generalized Elliptic Curves and their isotopic loops.  Bénéteau, L.; Hashish, M. Abou
257-263 Recursively differentiable quasigroups and complete recursive codes.  Izbash, V.; Syrbu, P.
265-273 Characters of finite quasigroups VII: permutation characters.  Johnson, K. W.; Smith, J. D. H.
275-278 Infinite simple Bol loops.  Kiechle, Hubert; Kinyon, Michael K.
279-285 Kikkawa loops and homogeneous loops.  Kikkawa, Michihiko
287-294 Axioms for trimedial quasigroups.  Kinyon, Michael K.; Phillips, J. D.
295-302 Subloops of sedenions.  Kivunge, Benard M.; Smith, Jonathan D. H
303-320 Reflection loops of spaces with congruence and hyperbolic incidence structure.  Kreuzer, Alexander
321-340 $n$-T-quasigroup codes with one check symbol and their error detection capabilities.  Mullen, Gary L.; Shcherbacov, Victor
341-347 On finite loops and their inner mapping groups.  Niemenmaa, M.
349-354 Note on analytic Moufang loops.  Paal, Eugen
355-369 The hyperbolic triangle centroid.  Ungar, Abraham A.
371-381 A class of Bol loops with a subgroup of index two.  Vojtěchovský, Petr
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