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Issue 1,  Volume 46, 2005 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-14 Congruence schemes and their applications.  Chajda, I.; Radelecki, S.
15-20 On left distributive left idempotent groupoids.  Jedlička, Přemysl
21-32 Cohomology of $BO(n_1)\times \dots \times BO(n_m)$ with local integer coefficients.  Lastovecki, Richard
33-42 Fixed point theorems for $n$-periodic mappings in Banach spaces.  Górnicki, Jarosław; Pupka, Krzysztof
43-54 A remark on a theorem of Solecki.  Holický, P.; Zajíček, L.; Zelený, M.
55-73 Duality theory of spaces of vector-valued continuous functions.  Nowak, Marian; Rzepka, Aleksandra
75-83 A d.c. $C^1$ function need not be difference of convex $C^1$ functions.  Pavlica, David
85-91 Cardinal inequalities implying maximal resolvability.  Balcerzak, Marek; Natkaniec, Tomasz; Terepeta, Małgorzata
93-103 Function spaces on ordinals.  Górak, Rafał
105-123 Properties of one-point completions of a noncompact metrizable space.  Henriksen, M.; Janos, L.; Woods, R. G.
125-130 On subsets of Alexandroff duplicates.  Mizokami, Takemi
131-135 On the cardinality of Hausdorff spaces and Pol-Šapirovskii technique.  Ramírez-Páramo, Alejandro
137-143 A note on the centralizer of topological isometric extensions.  Siemaszko, Artur
145-159 Biharmonic morphisms.  Chadli, Mustapha; El Kadiri, Mohamed; Haddad, Sabah
161-178 On a construction of weak solutions to non-stationary Stokes type equations by minimizing variational functionals and their regularity.  Kawabi, Hiroshi
179-195 Abstracts of Ph.D. theses in mathematics.  
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