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Issue 2,  Volume 46, 2005 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

197-215 Birkhoff's Covariety Theorem without limitations.  Adámek, Jiří
217-234 Combinatorial trees in Priestley spaces.  Ball, Richard N.; Pultr, Aleš; Sichler, Jiří
235-255 Internal object actions.  Borceux, F.; Janelidze, G.; Kelly, G. M.
257-279 Weak alg-universality and $Q$-universality of semigroup quasivarieties.  Demlová, M.; Koubek, V.
281-291 On tilting and cotilting-type modules.  D'Este, Gabriella
293-299 Ordinary selfdistributive rings.  Ghoneim, S.; Kechlibar, M.; Kepka, Tomáš
301-325 Finitely generated almost universal varieties of $0$-lattices.  Koubek, V.; Sichler, J.
327-338 Relatively additive states on quantum logics.  Pták, Pavel; Weber, Hans
339-347 A note on Briot-Bouquet-Bernoulli differential subordination.  Kanas, Stanisława; Kowalczyk, Joanna
349-367 On the range of a closed operator in an $L_1$-space of vector-valued functions.  Sato, Ryotaro
369-372 Property D and pseudonormality in first countable spaces.  Dow, Alan
373-384 Countable sums and products of Loeb and selective metric spaces.  Herrlich, Horst; Keremedis, Kyriakos; Tachtsis, Eleftherios
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