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Issue 4,  Volume 46, 2005 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

589-600 Some results on the recognizability of the linear groups over the binary field.  Darafsheh, M. R.; Farjami, Y.; Khademi, M.; Moghaddamfar, A. R.
601-605 Groups with the weak minimal condition for non-subnormal subgroups II.  Kurdachenko, Leonid A.; Smith, Howard
607-636 Dimension in algebraic frames, II: Applications to frames of ideals in $C(X)$.  Martínez, Jorge; Zenk, Eric R.
637-643 On a weak form of uniform convergence.  Fuka, Jaroslav; Holický, Petr
645-652 Remarks on an article of J.P. King.  Gonska, Heiner; Piţul, Paula
653-666 Fixed points of demicontinuous nearly Lipschitzian mappings in Banach spaces.  Sahu, D. R.
667-684 Property $(a)$ and dominating families.  da Silva, Samuel Gomes
685-703 Cardinal invariants of universals.  Fairey, Gareth; Gartside, Paul; Marsh, Andrew
705-710 Two improvements on Tkačenko's addition theorem.  Gerlits, J.; Juhász, I.; Szentmiklóssy, Z.
711-720 $C(X)$ can sometimes determine $X$ without $X$ being realcompact.  Henriksen, Melvin; Mitra, Biswajit
721-734 A tree $\pi $-base for $\Bbb R^\ast$ without cofinal branches.  Hernández-Hernández, Fernando
735-745 The family of $I$-density type topologies.  Horbaczewska, Grazyna
747-749 Fréchet property in compact spaces is not preserved by $M$-equivalence.  Okunev, Oleg
751-758 The Dirichlet problem for elliptic equations in the plane.  Cavaliere, Paola; Transirico, Maria
759-770 A construction of a connection on $GY\to Y$ from a connection on $Y\to M$ by means of classical linear connections on $M$ and $Y$.  Mikulski, W. M.
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