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Issue 3,  Volume 46, 2005 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

385-389 Extending the structural homomorphism of LCC loops.  Csörgö, Piroska
391-397 Bi-ideal-simple semirings.  Flaška, Václav; Kepka, Tomáš; Šaroch, Jan
399-408 A note on the structure of WUR Banach spaces.  Argyros, S. A.; Mercourakis, S.
409-412 The almost lattice isometric copies of $c_0$ in Banach lattices.  Chen, Jinxi
413-424 Stability of positive part of unit ball in Orlicz spaces.  Grząślewicz, Ryszard; Seredyński, Witold
425-436 Semivariation in $L^p$-spaces.  Jefferies, Brian; Okada, Susumu
437-462 Colombeau product of currents.  Jelínek, Jiří
463-468 Remarks on the cardinality of a power homogeneous space.  Bella, Angelo
469-473 Observations on spaces with zeroset or regular $G_\delta$-diagonals.  Buzyakova, Raushan Z.
475-495 Some relative properties on normality and paracompactness, and their absolute embeddings.  Kawaguchi, Shinji; Sokei, Ryoken
497-501 Weak extent in normal spaces.  Levy, Ronnie; Matveev, Mikhail
503-513 A nice class extracted from $C_p$-theory.  Tkachuk, Vladimir V.
515-524 A note on operators extending partial ultrametrics.  Tymchatyn, E. D.; Zarichnyi, M.
525-539 A semifilter approach to selection principles.  Zdomsky, Lubomyr
541-553 Oscillatory and nonoscillatory solutions for first order impulsive differential inclusions.  Benchohra, Mouffak; Ouahab, Abdelghani
555-565 $r$--convex transformability in nonlinear programming problems.  Galewska, E.; Galewski, M.
567-575 Complete hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature in a sphere.  Liu, Ximin; Li, Hongxia
577-588 Diophantine equation $\frac{q^n-1}{q-1}=y$ for four prime divisors of $y-1$.  Polický, Zdeněk
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