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Issue 3,  Volume 47, 2006 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

369-377 Non-singular precovers over polynomial rings.  Bican, Ladislav
379-390 $f$-derivations on rings and modules.  Bland, Paul E.
391-398 $\operatorname{Add}(U)$ of a uniserial module.  Příhoda, Pavel
399-425 Martin boundary associated with a system of PDE.  Benyaiche, Allami; Ghiate, Salma
427-436 On the “zero-two” law for positive contractions in the Banach-Kantorovich lattice $L^p(\nabla,\mu)$.  Ganiev, Inomjon; Mukhamedov, Farrukh
437-441 Fourier inversion of distributions on projective spaces.  Vieli, Francisco Javier González
443-455 Variance of periodic measure of bounded set with random position.  Janáček, Jiří
457-466 A new relationship between decomposability and convexity.  Satco, Bianca
467-471 Isomorphic and isometric copies of $\ell_\infty(\Gamma)$ in duals of Banach spaces and Banach lattices.  Wójtowicz, Marek
473-482 Network character and tightness of the compact-open topology.  Ball, Richard N.; Hager, Anthony W.
483-490 On absolutely submetrizable spaces.  Buzyakova, Raushan Z.
491-502 Covering properties in countable products, II.  Higuchi, Sachio; Tanaka, Hidenori
503-514 An infinitary version of Sperner's Lemma.  Hohti, Aarno
515-523 A non-metrizable collectionwise Hausdorff tree with no uncountable chains and no Aronszajn subtrees.  Iwasa, Akira; Nyikos, Peter J.
525-537 Homomorphic images of $\Bbb R$-factorizable groups.  Tkachenko, M.
539-547 A semifilter approach to selection principles II: $\tau^\ast$-covers.  Zdomskyy, Lyubomyr
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