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Issue 2,  Volume 47, 2006 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

189-202 On direct sums of $\text{B}^{(1)}$-groups -- II.  De Vivo, Clorinda; Metelli, Claudia
203-212 On rings close to regular and $p$-injectivity.  Ming, Roger Yue Chi
213-232 Strict minimizers of order $m$ in nonsmooth optimization problems.  Antczak, Tadeusz; Kisiel, Krzysztof
233-240 On weighted spaces of functions harmonic in $\Bbb R^n$.  Petrosyan, A. I.
241-264 On existence and regularity of solutions to a class of generalized stationary Stokes problem.  Huy, Nguyen Duc; Stará, Jana
265-273 The conjugate of a product of linear relations.  Jaftha, J. J.
275-289 A characterization of polynomially Riesz strongly continuous semigroups.  Latrach, Khalid; Paoli, J. Martin; Taoudi, M. A.
291-312 A new class of weakly $K$-analytic Banach spaces.  Mercourakis, S.; Stamati, E.
313-316 A note on D-spaces.  Lin, Shou
317-335 Topologies generated by ideals.  Uzcátegui, Carlos
337-358 A uniqueness result for $3$-homogeneous latin trades.  Cavenagh, Nicholas J.
359-367 On the boundary of 2-dimensional ideal polyhedra.  Vrontakis, Emmanuel
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