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Title: A note on tolerance lattices of algebras with restricted similarity type (English)
Author: Pondělíček, Bedřich
Language: English
Journal: Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica
ISSN: 0231-9721
Volume: 34
Issue: 1
Year: 1995
Pages: 147-149
Category: math
MSC: 08A30
MSC: 08A62
idZBL: Zbl 0854.08002
idMR: MR1447262
Date available: 2009-01-29T15:48:27Z
Last updated: 2012-05-03
Stable URL:
Reference: [1] Chajda I.: Tolerance lattice of algebras with restricted similarity type.Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Math. 34 (1995), 59-62. Zbl 0854.08001, MR 1447254
Reference: [2] Chajda I.: Algebraic Theory of Tolerance Relations.Monograph Series of Palacký University Olomouc, 1991. Zbl 0747.08001


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