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semirotation; $l$-$\w$-semilattice; $l$-$\vee$-semilattice; $l$-lattice; left semirotation; right semirotation; rotation; complete $l$-lattice
In [2], J. Klimes studied rotations of lattices. The aim of the paper is to research rotations of the so-called $l$-lattices introduced in [3] by V. Snasel.
[1] M. Erné J. Koslowski A. Melton G. E. Strecker: A primer on Galois connections. Papers on general topology and applications (Madison, WI, 1991), 704. Ann. New York Acad. Sci., pp. 103-125. MR 1277847
[2] J. Klimeš: Rotations between lattices. Math. Slovaca (Submitted).
[3] V. Snášel: $\lambda$-lattices. Thesis. Masaryk University, Brno, 1991. (In Czech.)
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