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Issue 1,  Volume 27, 1988 (Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica)

13-23 Translations of distributive and modular ordered sets.  Larmerová, Jana; Rachůnek, Jiří
25-37 Biternärringe und affine lokale Ternärringe.  Machala, František
39-47 On a generalization of nets.  Jachanová, Jaroslava
49-53 Construction of one epimorphism of projective planes over Cartesian groups.  Vanžurová, Alena
55-62 On the uniform boundedness of elements of the type $\exp(ih)$ in Hermitian lmc-algebras.  Štěrbová, Dina
63-84 Reducibility and correspondences of pure generalized grammars.  Krutský, František
85-90 On a certain class of always convergent sequences and the Rayleigh quotient iterations.  Kojecký, Tomáš
91-110 To the theory of linear difference equations with constant coefficients.  Laitoch, Miroslav
111-148 On a canonical two-dimensional space of continuous functions.  Laitochová, Jitka
149-183 On the Floquet theory of differential equations $y''=Q(t)y$ with a complex coefficient of the real variable.  Staněk, Svatoslav
185-200 On oscillations of solutions and their derivatives in a nonlinear third-order differential equation.  Staněk, Svatoslav
201-210 Asymptotic properties of solutions of a certain third-order differential equation with an oscillatory restoring term.  Andres, Ján
211-224 Über die Trichotomie von Lösungen einer nichtlinearen Vektordifferentialgleichung zweiter Ordnung.  Andres, Ján; Mikołajski, Jarosław; Palát, Jindřich
225-249 On a nonlinear problem for third-order differential equations.  Rachůnková, Irena
251-262 On a coincidence of the differential equation $y''-q(t)y=r(t)$ with its associated equation.  Fialka, Miloslav
263-272 A note to a certain nonlinear differential equation of the third-order.  Vlček, Vladimír
273-288 On the boundedness of solutions of a certain fourth-order nonlinear differential equation.  Vlček, Vladimír
289-298 On a boundary value problem for $x'''=f(t,x,x',x'')$.  Andres, Ján
299-306 A note to the Fourier method of solving partial second-order differential equations.  Hančl, Jaroslav
307-316 A note to the Laplace transformation.  Hančl, Jaroslav
317-345 Application of the Laplace transform to simulating continuous systems.  Beneš, Karel
347-354 Heuristic search algorithms on directed trees.  Lisoněk, Petr
355-363 Time conditional propositions.  Štěpán, Jan
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