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Issue 1,  Volume 28, 1989 (Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica)

11-25 Fastgeordnete affine lokale Ternärringe und pregeordnete Biternärringe.  Machala, František
27-42 On an almost periodicity criterion of solutions for systems of nonhomogeneous linear differential equations with almost periodic coefficients.  Staněk, Svatoslav
43-60 On certain multipoint boundary valued problems.  Rachůnková, Irena
61-63 Erratum to my paper: On the “Poincaré-Lyapunov”-like systems of three differential equations.  Andres, Ján
65-86 On the existence of square integrable solutions and their derivatives to fourth and fifth order differential equations.  Andres, Ján; Vlček, Vladimír
87-121 Boundedness of solutions of a certain fifth-order nonlinear differential equations.  Vlček, Vladimír
123-135 The Fourier method for the linear partial differential equations of the $n$-th order.  Hančl, Jaroslav
137-150 The Laplace method of the linear partial differential equations of the $n$-th order.  Hančl, Jaroslav
151-163 On two-dimensional linear spaces of continuous functions of the same character.  Laitochová, Jitka
165-175 On a fundamental central dispersion of the first kind and the Abel functional equation in strongly regular spaces of continuous functions.  Laitochová, Jitka
177-189 On the properties of central dispersions of linear second order differential equations being of finite type-special.  Tesaříková, Eva
191-226 On equation $y''-q(t)y$ of finite type, 1-special, with the same central dispersion of the first kind.  Tesaříková, Eva
227-242 Die Bestimmung des ARMA Modells der stationären Zeitreihe.  Král, Milan
243-253 Mathematical description of program diagram.  Beneš, Karel
255-263 Algebraical loops and transformation of variables.  Beneš, Karel
265-275 Individualised normative logic.  Štěpán, Jan
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