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Issue 1,  Volume 42, 1992 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-5 Completeness and modular cross-symmetry in normed linear spaces.  Hamhalter, Jan
7-10 A note in inverse and dual semigroups.  Lai, C. K.; Shum, K. P.
11-14 Oscillation and asymptotic properties of $n$-th order differential equations.  Džurina, Jozef
15-18 Preservation of fast completeness under inductive limits.  Kučera, Jan; McKennon, Kelly
19-23 Uniqueness of improper operations.  Žembery, Ivan
25-34 Locally conditioned radical classes of lattice-ordered groups.  Martinez, Jorge
35-43 Oscillatory properties of solutions to a differential inclusion of order $n$.  Švec, Marko
45-52 On oscillatory solutions of differential inequalities.  Bartušek, Miroslav
53-57 Independent axiomatization of varieties of lattice ordered groups.  Medvedev, N. Ya.
59-72 Partial monounary algebras with common quasi-endomorphisms.  Halušková, Emília; Studenovská, Danica
73-88 Two contributions to the theory of coefficients of ergodicity.  Veselý, Petr
89-93 Factorable congruences and factorable congruence blocks on powers of a finite algebra.  Duda, Jaromír
95-100 On $Z$-continuous tolerances of $Z$-distributive lattices.  Niederle, Josef
101-116 Sequential convergences in $\ell$-groups without Urysohn’s axiom.  Jakubík, Ján
117-128 On unbounded nonoscillatory solutions of systems of neutral differential equations.  Marušiak, Pavol
129-142 Product radical classes of $\ell$-groups.  Ton, Dao-Rong
143-166 Low-discrepancy point sets obtained by digital constructions over finite fields.  Niederreiter, Harald
167-173 On the uncomplemented subspace $K(X,Y)$.  John, Kamil
175-179 Sixty years of Professor Valter Šeda.  Gera, Milan; Haščák, Alexander
181-185 Seventy years of Professor František Šik.  Jakubík, Ján; Šmarda, Bohumil
187-190 Seventy years of Professor Milan Kolibiar.  Katriňák, Tibor
191-192 Seventh Prague Topological Symposium.  Koutník, Václav
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