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Issue 4,  Volume 43, 1993 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

577-582 An iterative construction of bases for finitely generated modules over principal ideal domains.  Abian, Alexander; Kemp, Paula; Sverchkov, Sergi
583-597 Geodesic reflections in semi-Riemannian geometry.  García-Río, Eduardo; Vázquez-Abal, M. Elena
599-613 Natural transformations between $TTT^*M$ and $TT^*TM$.  Doupovec, Miroslav
615-634 On Hochschild and cyclic homology of certain homogeneous spaces.  Tralle, Aleksei E.
635-642 Subdirectly irreducible and congruence distributive $q$-lattices.  Chajda, I.; Kotrle, M.
643-647 On some correspondences between relational structures and algebras.  Novotný, Miroslav
649-662 Oscillatory properties of functional differential systems of neutral type.  Marušiak, Pavol
663-674 A weaker form of Baer’s splitting problem for torsion theories.  Teply, Mark L.; Torrecillas, Blas
675-693 On directed convex subsets of partial monounary algebras.  Jakubíková-Studenovská, Danica
695-711 Characterization of traces of the weighted Sobolev space $W^{1,p}(\Omega,d_M^\epsilon)$ on $M$.  Nekvinda, Aleš
713-722 Decomposition of the weighted Sobolev space $W^{1,p}(\Omega,d_M^\epsilon)$ and its traces.  Nekvinda, Aleš
723-741 Removable singularities for Bloch and normal functions.  Riihentaus, Juhani
743-751 On local joint capacities of operators.  Müller, Vladimír; Sołtysiak, Andrzej
753-764 On the classification of oriented vector bundles over 5-complexes.  Čadek, Martin; Vanžura, Jiří
765-767 A topological characterization of stationary sets.  Ismail, Mohammad
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