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Issue 3,  Volume 43, 1993 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

385-390 Some cardinal generalizations of pseudocompactness.  Retta, Teklehaimanot
391-407 Dependences between definitions of finiteness. II.  Spišiak, Ladislav
409-417 The zero-completion of a median algebra.  Bandelt, Hans-Jürgen; Meletiou, Gerasimos C.
419-428 $V$-Lattices of varieties of algebras of different types.  Haviar, Alfonz
429-438 Sternberg's structure function of differential systems in dimension five.  Cañadas-Pinedo, M. A.; Ruiz, C.
439-449 On commutativity of rings with constraints on subsets.  Abujabal, H. A. S.; Khan, M. A.; Khan, M. S.; Samman, M. S.
451-466 Čech analytic and almost $K$-descriptive spaces.  Holický, Petr
467-481 Locally partially ordered groups.  Roll, J. Blair
483-497 Asymptotic intertwining and spectral inclusions on Banach spaces.  Laursen, K. B.; Neumann, M. M.
499-501 Note on Turán's graph.  Marcu, Dănuţ
503-517 Contractions similar to isometries.  Kordula, Vladimír
519-522 On filters of ordered semigroups.  Jakubík, Ján
523-545 Free locally inverse *-semigroups.  Auinger, Karl
547-566 Weak and extra-weak type inequalities for the maximal operator and the Hilbert transform.  Gogatishvili, Amiran; Pick, Luboš
567-575 Eduard Čech, 1893–1960.  Balcar, Bohuslav; Koutník, Václav; Simon, Petr
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